This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained shall be used for that purpose.
This communication is from a debt collector.


Request Paid In Full Letter

Do you have an account with ARS and the balance has been paid in full?

YES –  I want to request a PAYMENT IN FULL LETTER.

NOTE:  A request for a payment in full letter will not be sent without ARS Account Resolution Services receiving written acknowledgement stating that the credit card or check holder will not stop the charges.  When paying by credit card, a payment in full letter is typically sent the next business day following receipt of the acknowledgment statement.  When paying by check or money order, a payment in full letter is typically sent 7 business days following receipt of the acknowledgement statement.

Requests can be emailed to or faxed to: (954) 327-3352, Attention: Clerical Department with the subject line reading ‘Payment In Full Letter’.  Requested letters are usually mailed to the same address that we have on file unless we receive notice otherwise.  If necessary, letters can also be sent to a valid fax number if requested to do so.





Attention Clerical Department,

I, << Your Name >> give permission to ARS Account Resolution Services to mail/fax me receipt of payment in full for << insert Account # >>.  I will not stop or reverse payment on my credit card/check.

Thank you,


<< Your Name >>


NO – I wish to MAKE A PAYMENT ONLINE.  If you require additional assistance, please call (800) 694-3048 (For English) or (800) 694-3397 (Para Español).